Page 3 Adaptec Customer Support If you have questions about installing or using your Adaptec product, check this — document first you will find answers to most of your questions here. The event log is cleared of any non-persistent events each time you restart your computer. Install the controller and drives, as described in Controller and Drives on page Start or restart the computer. Now that you have installed the drivers, refer to your NetWare documentation to modify disk partitions, apply hot fixes, or perform volume maintenance. In the case of RAID 1 or 10, consistency checks assure that the data between like blocks match. To assign properties to the new array:

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Viewing The Event Log 2 If multiple controllers are installed, select the controller you want to configure, then press Enter. Using parity minimizes the storage cost of redundancy.

Adaptec SCSI RAID 2120S – storage controller (RAID) – Ultra320 SCSI – PCI 64/66 MHz Series

When Disabled, no write cache is used on the drive. Operating Systems All except Linux Caution: Event logging and broadcasting, including messaging for alphanumeric pagers. Environmental 2120e Min Operating Temperature. TV and Movies by Joan E. The speed of the disk drive.

Adaptec RAID 2120S Installation And User Manual

Select the array that you want to make bootable, and then press Ctrl-B. To download these, visit If a previous version of Adaptec Storage Manager is adaptef, you must remove it before upgrading.


Glossary partition Contiguous area of a physical drive that makes up some or all of an array. CLI 2210s Dictionary This section contains a command reference for the following command groupings: You can locate the necessary files on the Adaptec installation CD at the locations listed below.

If the same drive is assigned to protect multiple arrays, only the last array that drive is assigned to is protected.

Simple Volume A simple volume consists of a single drive.

Overview Check with your vendor, product documentation, or online Help for supported features. RAID 1 copies the contents of the primary drive to a secondary drive.

Controller not responding—The controller has stopped responding to the ACU. Page 6 This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules.

Secure erase performs three raix writing passes to the disk drive being erased–it does not just write zeros.

Adaptec – Adaptec SCSI RAID S

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior rzid consent of Adaptec, Inc. Note –When the alarm is turned off disabledit automatically turns back on after a reboot.

In the event of a drive failure, redundant arrays can be restored to normal operation by replacing the failed drive and rebuilding the array. The syntax for listing hotspares is the same as Drives Keyword on page no hotspares are assigned to the array. Adapter Name column indicates that AAC0 is the name 21220s the controller installed on the computer. Audible Alarm Adaptec RAID controllers are equipped with an audible alarm that alerts you to situations that affect safety of your data. Otherwise, skip to installing the driver in your existing operating system, as described in This section describes how to create a bootable RAID 5 array with at least three drives.



Select the Select utility and press Enter. For more information, refer to the system documentation.

Specifications Ambient temperature without rakd backup module Relative humidity Altitude Note: If you have a rxid controller and a low-profile computer cabinet, replace the original full-height bracket with the low- profile bracket supplied in Adaptec RAID controller kit.

SuSE Linux only—The controller is not supported as a bootable controller. To install Adaptec Storage Manager: The default is 64 KB.

Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5, Adaptec Customer Support If you have questions about installing or using your Adaptec product, check this — document first you will find answers to most of your questions here.