The drivers in the subwoofer aren’t magnetically shielded – not a very big deal unless you for some reason have to put the sub next to your monitor. The shiny parts are cast aluminium, and the sats feel very solid. It’s also a speaker that really can’t reproduce anything from medium-midrange on down, though. The remote is replete with green LEDs, under neat oval lenses. There’s also, however, the Select , a 2. Allowing the SBLive Liveware 2. Overall, I certainly don’t hate the Inspire , but the speakers should be better, for the money.

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In listening tests, the subwoofer showed a substantial in-room response peak well above Hz which is not the dominant native resonance of this room and dropped off from there, ending up not-too-useful below 75Hz.

Comparison of 13 4.1 and 5.1 Sound Systems

New item that you can order before we receive stock. Discussion threads can crearive closed at any time at our discretion. It can be done, as we’ll see in a moment. When I was at A-Zone and heard the display set I was not that impressed with it, as the surrounding area was pretty huge.

Hence, high prices, despite the fact that Australia’s probably quite a lot closer to where most speakers are actually made than is the USA. The Select ‘s a pleasing enough system, but it’s not super-cheap.


Creative Labs FPS1600

For multi-channel fourpointtsurround you need a couple of surround speakers as well, making a 4. It is f;s1600 suited for the computer PC environment with a small surrounding.

But it’s just a deluxe control centre attached to some budget speakers. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. They came, instead, in tightly packed boxes containing static-bagged cards, manuals and software, with flat-packed boxes sent separately.

It was exceptionally clear, crisp and sharp. The seems like better value, but it’s only a 2.

But they instead settled on purple, orange, brown and “gold”, with a little block of each colour printed above each connector; to my eyes the last three look like three different shades of tan. The life likeness of the sound was probably due to my SBLive but the fact creeative the FPS was able to deliver top clarity audio really impressed me.

It’s not got the fancy surround modes of the Inspirebut it’s got much better speakers and a much better price tag.

The THX logo isn’t going to make a computer speaker system sound any worseof course, but THX certification of other gear is quite expensive, and so I presume Logitech had to pay Lucasfilm a tidy sum to get these badges on the Z That’s the way all sensible speakers should behave, but a lot of cheap computer subs just let everything through, whether they’ve got a hope of playing it or not.

There’s a mini-DIN plug for the remote control, a DC input connector, and a knob to set the bass level. And it could lead to overheating of internal amplifiers. It’s almost exactly cubic, and by by mm about 7. Or, of course, various fuorpointsurround cheaper yum-cha brand receivers. Fourpointsurrund is made of Solid fiurpointsurround.


You are now ready to experience 3D digital audio like never before. For this track, the Altec Lansing sub certainly didn’t give the bass the window-popping power it ought to have, but neither did it make any awful noises.

Let’s see how this baby rocks. It couldn’t get much worse. More than tolerable, if you like a lot of bass.

Creative Cambridge SoundWorks Speaker System FPS for PC/Gaming | eBay

Overall The Altec Lansing Select is pretty, but an unexciting performer for the money. The Digital DIN connector is the only connector with the 9-pin configuration. There might even be some damping material in there, too. Well, OK, it could be true. It’ll also reduce the efficiency of the speaker, though.

They should have place the volume control on the remote volume control stick too. There is, therefore, definitely good reason for many people to buy a multi-channel speaker system.

Inside the subwoofer there’s a pretty typical scene.